It’s astounding how technology is changing the ‘face’ of dentistry. I’ve found previous crowns to be uncomfortable, messy and time consuming. You can imagine the surprise stepping into this modern, welcoming and friendly dental practice to be told that my broken tooth required a crown and would be undertaken and completed in my single visit. Outstanding! After a painless numbing of the area, a digital image was sent to the in-house ‘mill’ where the crown was honed out of a block of composite porcelain. A firing in a specialty kiln and perfect fitting concluded the process – all in a single, short, enjoyable and fun appointment. No slimy impressions, or waiting for a replacement metal porcelain covered crown weeks later (which do break – trust me). It was an amazing experience and an outstanding result. My thanks to the ‘outstanding’ Dr. Jen, super-tech Kelly and the warm, knowledgeable and welcoming staff.


The best dentist! The best staff! Everyone is so cheerful and professional. I was greeted like family. It’s unusual to go anywhere and notice no turnover in personnel. That says something. Dr. Derse is the most calming and caring dentist I’ve ever known. I am in the medical industry and I appreciate the fact that Dr. Derse takes the time to continue her education and learning to ensure she is up to date on the latest techniques and best technology.


I have been in the dental field for over 20 years and work for dental specialists. I know a lot of general dentists but have always heard great things and have worked closely within Espire Dental. Unfortunately, I put off my own dental work for years and was embarrassed to go to the dentist.
Espire Dental made me feel so important and from the start of making the appointment their staff is amazing! Made my appointment with Monique and she was so patient with scheduling me with my crazy work schedule. Everyone is awesome at the front desk with Liz, Monique, Theresa and the other ladies are so friendly.
I needed a lot of dental work and Dr. Levin was so good at explaining everything with me and telling me what was important to take care of right away and what I can wait on. His examination was so thorough! He then needed to do a crown and I never felt a thing including the shots. His assistant Marlo was so sweet and kept asking me if I was ok. These two work very well together! They’re a very busy office, but you would never know this because they take their time with you and answer all your questions.
I could ramble on and on about this practice but you should see it for yourself. The office is newly remodeled and has state of the art equipment.
This is by far the best general dentist practice I have gone to and like I said I’ve been in the dental field a long time! I highly recommend them!


After having 4 different dentists fix the same tooth over a number of years I found myself in a great deal of pain during a trip to Denver. I was already resolved to having the tooth extracted and an implant placed when I met Dr Jen Derse.  From the moment we started talking about my tooth, she was confident that she could save me the time, discomfort, and money that it would have been to proceed with my plan.  Dr Jen confidently assured me that my tooth could be restored in about an hour with a Cerec crown.  Although pessimistic, I agreed to one last heroic before I had the tooth extracted.  The procedure was simple! Her injection to numb the area was painless and the process to use digital imaging to design my crown was fascinating. I was able to watch while my crown was milled right before my eyes, and loved observing the artistry to make sure that my “new tooth” was tinted and glazed to look exactly like my surrounding teeth. I almost immediately felt more comfortable and I’m proud to say that my new Cerec restoration is a success.  Thanks Dr Derse and team for providing such world class care!


I changed dental practices after meeting Dr. Jen (Derse) through a charity organization and because multiple people recommended her. I was impressed with the entire team at Espire Dental, from my first call to make an appointment to the hygienist and of course with Dr. Jen herself. Dr. Jen takes the time to get to know her patients, discussing your oral health and appearance. The practice utilizes current technology that allows timely treatment and shared visibility, so that you can understand and see the care you receive. Lastly, I was so impressed to hear about Dr. Jen’s mission trips to the Dominican Republic. When a dentist will work for free in the worst conditions, to treat those in desperate need of help, you know she cares deeply for her patients.


I love this dentist! The entire office staff is incredibly thoughtful and kind. I don’t know how they make going to the dentist fun? I used to dread the dentist but here I have had no Pain with extensive dental work!  Dr. Levin and Dr. Jen are both masterful! Our family has seen Dr. Brett for 17 years. They are both always learning new things and on the cutting edge with the latest equipment and education.  The crazy thing is with all the benefits of this amazing place they charge the same as our old dentist that had none of these benefits. The office is efficiently run always on time and the office manager Elizabeth has been there since we started and she is the best!!!


When I go to Espire Dental, I feel like one of the family, and this important to me after growing up as the daughter of a dentist and moving away from home. Dr. Jen Derse has a way of evaluating my dental situation that is both honest and practical. She is truly concerned about my satisfaction. I have also seen Dr. Brett and recently met Dr. Ron in the waiting room. I can’t say enough about the professionalism plus warmth I get from this team. And I love that this level of care is not confined to the office. Espire Dental reaches out to improve the health of the underserved in our community and around the world through many charity initiatives they support.


Espire Dental has been my dental office for over six years. I cannot say enough great things about this incredible office and amazing staff! Being a patient for six years I’ve seen them move offices and grow their team! I’m not sure where they find such incredible people to hire but every single person in the office is friendly, professional and they treat you like a part of the family. I have had the pleasure of working with both Dr. Brett and Dr. Jen; I enjoy and trust both of them completely! I transitioned to mainly seeing Dr. Jen a few years ago and I couldn’t be happier (no offense Dr. Brett LOL) I look forward to going into the office just to see her and catch up with her. She is not only an incredible dentist but an incredible person. She is responsible for integrating Smiles For Charity into the office; a fundraiser done through discounted teeth whitening to give back to various children’s causes (Children’s Miracle Network, Teammate For Kids, St. Jude, local charities etc…). I have also worked with numerous hygienists in the office, I currently see Jessica and I must say she is one of my favorites by far. She is so easy to talk with (except for when her hands are in my mouth 🙂 ), and she has such an attention to detail that I know my teeth are getting the pampering they deserve. I think the best part is that she has such a gentle way of cleaning that I could just fall asleep. If you are nervous about going to the dentist because of pain, I would 100% recommend requesting Jessica! You will be in good hands! Overall, I would say that choosing to be a patient with Levin Family Dental for the past 6+ years has been the best decision I’ve made for my dental health! I just wish I could go in more than twice a year and that my visits could be longer 🙂


Dr. Brett and the entire staff truly create the most pleasant experience you will ever have going to the Dentist. They are kind, personal and extremely caring. If you have any fears about going to the Dentist, they will put you at ease. Dr. Brett is so gentle, patient and funny. He, and everyone there will make you feel like you’re family. Going to Levin Family Dental is like going to a spa for your teeth!


My husband is a dental specialist, so I get my teeth cleaned at his office. When they found a couple cavities at my last visit, he referred me to Dr. Jennifer Derse to get them filled. Not only are Dr. Derse and Dr. Levin top-notch dentists, but they are also the highest quality people! They are kind, compassionate, and truly care for their patients. Dr. Derse was friendly and professional. She took care of my cavities and even followed up the next day to see how I was feeling. The staff at Espire Dental follows Derse’s and Levin’s example–they are welcoming and friendly as well. I echo the previous reviews regarding the office setting at Espire Dental. It’s beautiful and stylish, yet warm and inviting.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Jen Derse and Dr. Brett Levin for several years, but just recently I decided to visit their practice as a patient.
From the moment I walked through the door of their newly renovated office, and greeted by their friendly staff, to having my teeth cleaned by the latest technology, the overall experience was great! Dr. Jen made a few cosmetic suggestions to replace some fillings to match my teeth and to fix a chipped tooth that had bothered me for years.  Needless to say I was excited by the possibility of improving my smile so I took her suggestions. Additionally, since I had never had my teeth professionally whitened before, I decided there was no better time to do so than during “Smiles for Life” when Espire Dental donates 100% of the proceeds to Smiles for Life, a charitable organization for severely ill, disabled and underprivileged children.
My smile looks better than ever thanks to Levin Family Dental. Dr. Jen and Dr. Brett go above and beyond to continually educate and train themselves (and staff) on the latest technologies and products in order to provide their patients with the utmost in customer care and satisfaction. You will actually enjoy going to the dentist 🙂


I have been a patient of Espire Dental for a number of years and I am still impressed at every appointment as to the consistent innovation, patient attention and caring that is obvious from the moment I arrive to my departure.  This dental practice provides movies and music to entertain the patient while getting the best oral care available. They always seem to be on the cutting edge of new professional ideas, practices and systems that elevate my confidence in their dental work.  I have recommended Dr. Brett Levin and Dr. Jen Derse to many of my friends without reservation.


I have been a patient with Espire Dental for over 9 years and just cannot say enough about the quality treatment I have received over the years since I have been going to see Dr. Levin and Derse and their great staff. From the time you walk in the door and someone from the front desk greets you and asks how you are and takes care of you, to when you are in the chair and their staff is taking care of you, you feel like you are part of the family there. You get the highest quality treatment and the best care possible to make sure that your needs are met. The staff works very hard to make sure you are comfortable and to me their customer service is the best in the business. Espire Dental is awesome and I consider them part of my family. Thanks Doc and all the staff there!