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Cerec Crown Machine

The revolutionary cerec system designs and generates porcelain crowns in just one visit. This provides patients with a faster, more esthetic result, less injections and drilling, and no temporary crowns or goopy impressions-all while conserving more of the natural structure of your teeth.

Digital X-rays

Our office has flat screen computer monitors at each chair, allowing us to take digital x-rays and view them instantaneously. This new technology reduces the amount of radiation exposure by up to 80%, making them the safest x-rays available. They are an extremely valuable asset to you and your doctor when treating, diagnosing and maintaining your oral hygiene.

Laser Cavity Detection

For decay that is often difficult to diagnose, our state of the art laser cavity detector provides us with additional diagnostic information. Often we can identify and treat previously undetectable cavities while they are small. This allows us to place conservative fillings and keep healthy tooth structure.

Proven to be over 90% accurate, the diaganodent laser helps Dr.‘s Levin and Derse to painlessly provide cavity detection that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Electric Hand Pieces

We’ve upgraded all of our old, noisy air-driven hand pieces to a new generation of quieter, more efficient, electric hand pieces. These new hand pieces decrease the amount of time you spend in the chair, increase the precision of our preparations and tremendously minimize the dreaded sound of a dental drill.

Intra-Oral Camera

Your hygienist or doctor may use the intra-oral camera to show you pictures of what your teeth look like. This assists in showing problem areas such as decay, broken teeth, or cracks. Please feel free to ask any dental professional at our office to show you areas in your mouth you may have a hard time seeing. This is a great tool that technology has provided us to assist with your treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser

Using lasers in dentistry is a more precise way to treat and manage various gum problems. Our laser can be utilized to re-contour excess gum tissue, treat stubborn cold sores, and help decrease bacteria within periodontal pockets. They are a fabulous adjunct to help change a gummy smile to show more tooth, and can even alter muscle attachment for children who are tongue tied to eliminate speech impediments. All this is done with no pain and very little down time.

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