We use the best technology on the market to ensure all your treatments are efficient and high quality.

Cerec Crown Machine


Get faster, better-looking crowns with fewer injections and drillings. Our revolutionary Cerec system designs and generates porcelain crowns in just one visit.

Intra-Oral Camera


You can see exactly what your doctor or hygienist is talking about with our intra-oral camera. From the pictures you can see the effects of decay, broken teeth or cracks, and better understand what we’re working on.

Digital X-rays


Get the safest X-rays available – our digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by 80%. We can also view the X-rays instantaneously from our flat screen computer monitors at every treatment chair.

Soft Tissue Laser


Lasers are a pain free, fast and precise way to treat many gum problems. We can use them to reduce gums and reveal more tooth, get rid of stubborn cold sores or treat children who are tongue tied.

Laser Cavity Detection


We can find hard-to-diagnose cavities with laser detection. By spotting and treating cavities while they are still small we’ll save you time, money and discomfort in the long run. Proven to be over 90% accurate, laser cavity detection is also completely painless.

Cutting Edge Cancer Screening


Oral Cancer is a growing concern, and early detection is the best way to protect yourself. That’s why LFD is now using Oral ID to screen for a range of oral cancers. The device is a simple, efficient, and painless way to detect potential oral cancers as early as possible.